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This is a collaborative piece created by musician Vicki Brown and poet Katherine Larson as part of the University of Arizona's Poetry Center "BeMine" exhibit (Feb 1-28, 2012).

We are donating any proceeds from the piece to two of our favorite environmental organizations: CEDO (Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans: (www.cedointercultural.org) and Orangutan Outreach (www.redapes.org).

Our collaborative valentine, Cartography, takes map-making as its metaphor, reimagining a space in which a kind of dimensional geography is created: interior and exterior expression is negotiated, risked, experimented with, the boundaries between music and poetry are blurred, and the layers—sound upon voice upon violin—resonate in aural palimpsest.

Cartography is an aural landscape of text and sounds, both novel and familiar. Recognizable words metamorphose into sonic hues and sidle with violin lyric, reinterpreted. “Can we love without drawing it on paper” references the attempt to configure in a physical space that which avoids definition. Such questions of the liminal places in relationships—between people, between voice and music, between words and meaning—are explored, allowing a new place in imagined space to be located.

For us, collaboration defines a space where the whole is cultivated from the synergy of its combined parts and has an exponential effect. It has offered us a chance to widen the scope of our knowledge and challenge our own boundaries, to risk and experiment. Like the actual process of map-making, a physical remnant reveals the new spaces that we investigated and navigated, what we charted, our cartography.


released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


vicki brown Tucson, Arizona

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